…I am a happier person, my marriage is better…

I have been in church most of my life, but I have never been truly in love with Jesus until recently. I went to church every time the doors were open, but never put any effort in. However, something changed a few months ago at ‘Men of the Hour’ in Tyler, Texas. I left that conference a new man…a happy man. My prayer life is something that is a daily necessity, not a maybe. I love worshiping God and being in His house. Chains have been broken off of me. I am a happier person, my marriage is better, life in general is better. It’s no longer about me and what Jesus can do for me but what I can do for Him and His kingdom.

…I have left refreshed, renewed, and encouraged on so many levels…

I have personally attended some of the meetings arranged by ‘Men of the Hour’. What a tremendous impact these meetings have had on my life. I have left refreshed, renewed, and encouraged on so many levels. The work, dedication, prayer, and commitment to this much needed program are very obvious in every service.

As a Pastor in a small town, with a prison ministry as part of our outreach program, I can testify to the fact that services and programs geared toward men and their need to be committed and stay committed in this hour are crucial. I witness weekly how important it is to reach men and help them understand the need for a dedicated walk with God.

I can not recommend ‘Men of the Hour’ and Rev. Sims enough. The impact of the services never disappoint. I recommend every man that has the opportunity to attend these meetings do so.

-Pastor Michael Dickerson

…my husband just returned home a different person…

Men of the Hour‘ is changing the lives of men. My husband just returned home a different person. He has found his fire for the Lord again and laid down all the junk that was holding him in bondage. Ladies, I encourage you to encourage your husband to attend these conferences. Our husbands need to have bonds with other men that share like faith. They need men of God speaking into their lives. For them to lead the household, they need to be encouraged and taught how to walk closer to the Master. Thank you ‘Men of the Hour’ for being difference makers.