We see in history how blacksmiths have played a vital role in civilization. In the early frontier days, a blacksmith was important to the farmer and the frontier way of life. Long before the early days of the frontier, we find in 1 Samuel chapter 13:19-22, there were no blacksmiths to be found throughout the land of Israel. The Philistines had taken away all blacksmiths so there could be no weapons forged to retaliate and fight against them.

I have always been fascinated by watching a blacksmith work with iron. To see the iron heat to a glowing red, only then to watch the blacksmith place the hot iron on an anvil. Then, holding the iron with metal tongs, the blacksmith uses a hammer to shape the iron. The only way the iron becomes pliable is when it is placed in the fire. Gentlemen, if there is ever a day that we need the fire of the Holy Ghost molding our hearts and minds, it is now.

Interestingly, the blacksmiths’ work revolves around the fire. I have a fireplace in my house as many of you also have. I have two boys and they think they are supposed to rearrange the logs on the fire every two to three minutes. They love to get the fire poker and poke the logs. As I was thinking about a blacksmith and the account in 1 Samuel 13, I felt the Lord deal with me and ask, “How does a fire poker get hot? How does a fire poker get cold?” I responded by thinking the poker gets hot when you put it into the fire and it gets cold when you take it out of the fire. You see, the fire poker can’t heat up by itself or cool off by itself. It only takes on the temperature of its surroundings.

If you find that your relationship with God is cold, don’t blame the fire poker – it is only taking on the nature of its environment. We are very good about complaining when things are wrong. Let me say it this way, if your relationship is cold and distant from God, it is not God’s fault.  What is the environment around you? If you are not satisfied with it, change it. If you want more of God in your life, then make sure you stay in the fire. I want to encourage you not to just talk about the change, lead the change.

Sir, it is not the will of God for the enemy of your soul to control your environment.

We need men leading the way in our praise and worship services. We need men leading the way in prayer and devotions. We need men leading the way in shouting, dancing, and singing. I believe when a guest walks into the church, our standard of holiness should not be the first thing they notice. Their response should be, “Wow, I’ve never seen men worship and love God like that!”

In Samuel 13 the Philistines removed all the blacksmiths from the people of God. When the Israelite’s needed their farm equipment sharpened to work in the field, they had to go to the Philistines garrison and see if they could get their equipment sharpened. The Philistines were controlling the environment (the fire). Sir, it is not the will of God for the enemy of your soul to control your environment. Make up your mind every day that your family, your home, and your walk with God are going to be consumed in the fire of the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Chad Mooney – FAC Tyler, Texas / Section 2 Men’s Ministry Director Texas District, UPCI

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